Strength and conditioning are what separates the elite from the average. Whether you are a competitive athlete or just want to go through life knowing you can overcome any physical obstacle, our programs and team will get you there. We combine strength training with a high intensity interval program scientifically design to produce elite results. Our programs are designed by college educated, strength and conditioning coach certified trainers. These are same trainers that coach every group class or personal session.


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Right Fit is an elite fitness training facility that uses personalized high intensity interval training programs to build our clients’ functional strength and develop unstoppable endurance.

To do this, Lead Trainer Steve Gray created an advanced training process called the Right Fit Advantage. The keys to this method are individualization and using exercise science to take advantage of the way the human body reacts to physical exertion on a cellular level.


Using our proven Right Fit Advantage process, our clients see results early and experience rapid progress.


Assess – Each client is evaluated on day one using our cutting-edge data analytics so our trainers know how to best accelerate their progress.


Individualize  – Using data from assessments we prescribe individualized programs and goals so each client is challenged appropriately and achieves maximum progress.


Strengthen – Rather than focusing on cardio-driven workouts, we strengthen foundational muscles to forge functional strength, burn the maximum number of calories during and up to 48 hours after each workout, and train at a higher level.


Coach – Our trainers are with you throughout each workout to coach proper technique for each movement ensuring clients are able to move as efficiently as possible and prevent injuries.


Progress – Fitness is a lifelong journey and the possibilities are endless. We help you set and achieve new goals and navigate the fitness obstacles that arise on a day to day basis.