Right Fit LLC is an all-inclusive, personal training gym

Right Fit is a safe, responsible, ethical fitness company.

• Nothing less is acceptable.

Why blue?

• In color theory, each color stimulates a different psychological response.  Blue is a popular color among companies that deal with health.
• Blue symbolizes loyalty, strength, health, strength and cleanliness.

The Right Fit method is backed by science and physiology

• Right Fit uses science to stimulate the energy and vitality in your body. You will begin to feel more energized and strong with each session.
• The RFA (Right Fit Assessment) is a holistic movement, strength, and balance test. It measures physical proficiencies and deficiencies. An individualized program is designed to meet unique fitness needs and movement deficiencies.
• After cardiovascular exercise or weight training, the body continues to need oxygen at a higher rate than before the exercise began. This is also known as oxygen debt. Your body continues to use oxygen and burn more calories as if you were still working out.

Right Fit leverages psychology

• Group personal training sessions leverage the Group Dynamic Theory. The energy and mood of a group can magnify itself to greater heights than that of a lone individual.
• Working out in a group provides camaraderie, support, accountability and structure. These help achieve fitness goals. People who workout in groups stick to their goals more consistently than those who workout alone. And they have more fun.

Right Fit yields real results to achieve fitness goals

• Feel new energy and see amazing results with only two to four sessions per week.
• The popular press hails Right-Fit as a safe, effective fitness company.
• Right-Fit leverages heart‐rate-monitored training to maximize healthy results. Right Fit is inspired and run by fitness experts.

Right Fit is the brainchild of Suzanne M. Gray

• Suzanne M. Gray is a passionate, highly trained physiologist.
• Training sessions are lead by highly qualified personal trainers. Trainers ensure safety while inspiring participants to beat plateaus.
• Right Fit is not a franchise. The company is committed to  providing a great product and stellar service.
• As of July 2016, Right Fit has 2 locations in the US.
• The Right Fit LLC corporate office is in Willowbrook, IL.



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Our college-degreed, specialized fitness experts work closely with you at every step of the way.

Our A.P.R.© (Assess/Progress/Results) ensures every  program meets your personal needs.

With Right Fit you will feel and see
GREAT results from day one!

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