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Suzanne M. Gray, M.S.


Suzanne M. Gray, B.S. and M.S. Masters of Science Athletic Administration and Health Physical Education and Recreation Exercise Physiology

Suzanne is the owner of Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness L.L.C. in Willowbrook, and LaGrange, Illinois.

Suzanne has always believed that fitness and good health aren’t reserved for a select few but something that every human being has a right to benefit from.  She has spent over 30 years in the health and fitness industries to bring that reality to all populations.  Her work includes working in: corporate fitness, collegiate athletics, professional sports,  special needs and her own facilities.    

Suzanne believes that while there are many legitimate fitness philosophies and methodologies there are simply some basic principles to health that do not change.  Core to this belief is that fact that anyone’s quality of life can be improved if one learns how to use their body correctly and efficiently.  Suzanne has created a multitude of programs for: children with special needs, first-responders, collegiate athletes and every other fitness level.

Suzanne earned her masters degree from Western Illinois University.  She is a published author and has many accolades that include: being the recipient of an Illinois’ best school fitness program, Club Industry Best Children’s Program, top 4 finisher of the Chicago Marathon (Women’s Division) and former member of the Chicago Luvabulls.  Aside from ownership of Right Fit she also served as the head coach of Hinsdale Central High School’s Varsity Pom Dance and Competition teams and is the organizer of the Annual Burr Ridge 5K and 1K Run Walk to benefit ProActive Kids a foundation for youth and families struggling with obesity.  

“Movement is the Universal Language that Bridges Barriers and enhances life.” – Suzanne M. Gray

All-inclusive, personal-training gym

Right Fit is an all-inclusive, fitness-training gym. Right Fit is the only fitness company that offers small groups trained by highly experienced fitness training specialists where each person gets both the individual attention needed within the encouragement of a group.

Safe and welcoming

Unlike many of the big-box and wanna-be warrior gyms where the average person resists joining because they are either invisible or afraid of being hurt, Right Fit gyms are bright, emotionally and physically safe and inviting. Group classes are kept small to ensure you don’t remain a stranger unless you want to.

Get Fit Safe

Every Right Fit experience starts with a college-degreed fitness training specialist, who will ask about your personal goals and health history. Each client is then put through the RFA (Right Fit Assessment), which is a holistic movement, strength, and balance test to measure physical proficiencies and deficiencies.



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Our A.P.R.© (Assess/Progress/Results) ensures every  program meets your personal needs.

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