Jackie Errico, B.S., MBA, CSCS

Jackie is the Facility Manager of the LaGrange location.  In this role  Jackie oversees the LaGrange facility as well as trains, teaches, educates clients about all aspects of fitness, including sports performance and adult group training.  Jackie is no stranger to the fitness industry, having spent over 6 years as a sports performance coach and 2 years a college basketball coach, where she trained at the University of Kentucky and North Central College.Jackie is a qualified fitness professional and holds the following degrees and certifications:

M.B.A –North Central College, B.A Exercise Science –North Central College, CSCS- National Strength and Conditioning Association, USAW- Certified Sports Performance Coach

Linnea Lones, B.S., CSCS

Before joining Right Fit in 2012, Linnea worked for the ProActive Kids Foundation for 2 years training obese children and their families on nutrition, lifestyle and fitness. In this role, Linnea was responsible for doing measurements, operate as program coordinator and coach.Linnea is no stranger to the fitness industry, having spent over 5 years as a sports performance coach, where she trains travel teams, high schools, and colleges and occupational training.  For the past 4 years Linnea has been working with over 100 fire men with job related training and corrective exercise.

Linnea’s coaching and training philosophy is geared towards a team effort. Making everyone work hard not only for themselves but for those who are surrounding you.  Linnea is a qualified fitness professional and holds the following degrees and certifications:

B.S. –North Central College

FMS Certified

Muscle Activation Level 1

Ryan Collins, B.S., CSCS

Ryan is a Trainer Specialist at Right Fit Lagrange. He graduated from the University of Akron in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, and is currently working on his CSCS certification. As a Trainer Specialist, Ryan educates and motivates adults and athletes of all levels to become the strongest version of themselves through health and fitness.Ryan’s training philosophy is using functional fitness, high-intensity interval training, and sport specific training to help clients reach their full potential. This is intended to not only improve performance in the gym; but also help athletes improve performance on the playing field and adults achieve their fitness goals.

Ryan’s athletic background includes football and baseball. He enjoys living an active lifestyle and routinely incorporates a variety of new methods in his own training.

“If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied.” -Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Meghan Jackson

Meghan Jackson is a qualified Personal Trainer at Right-Fit with a certification from The American Council on Exercise (ACE).  Meghan graduated from The University of Iowa and has a Masters from National Louis University with a background in teaching.

Meghan has more than 13 years of experience as a teacher and always has had a passion for health, wellness and staying active.

When it comes to getting in shape, mental strength is just as important as physical strength.   I am a mother of two kids and understand the importance of balancing your time. Exercise has been a constant in my life and becoming a trainer is a privilege.  Knowing I can help someone attain their goals is very rewarding.


Brad LaRocque, B.S.

Brad is a Trainer Specialist (II) and Facility Manager at Right Fit Willowbrook. In this role, oversees the  he trains all fitness levels and specializes in overseeing the special needs program.  He challenges his special needs clients to explore new activities to better their fitness and self-esteem.  A key driver for his passion comes from the love of his sister who has Down Syndrome and was the first “client” he worked with taking her for walks and exercising with her.

Brad’s accomplishments include: being an NCAA Division 1 Cross-Country and Track athlete, a 3 time NCAA All Conference runner in Cross-Country and Track,  part of 3 NCAA Track and Field Championship teams and a 4 time NCAA Division 1 Collegiate Cross-Country MVP. He has also received Eastern Illinois Universities’ LAIR Award for Leadership, Achievement, Integrity and Responsibility. Brad is a qualified Exercise fitness professional and holds the Exercise Science degree/certification from Eastern Illinois University.

Nicole Elliott, B.S. 

Nicole Elliott is a Trainer Specialist with Right Fit Willowbrook.  As a Trainer Specialist, she trains and educates clients about all aspects of fitness. She trains a wide variety of populations including adult group, special needs, fire departments, and one-on-one personal training from children to seniors.  She her clients to help them reach their personal goals, whether that is losing weight, gaining muscle or flexibility, or just simply obtaining a greater general level of fitness. She can help you on your fitness journey to achieve a healthier life.

Nicole is a qualified fitness professional and obtained her B.S. degree in exercise science and psychology from North Central College.  She has a background in physical therapy and rehab exercises as well as prior experience with special needs populations.

Becca Brabec, AA, NASM

Becca Brabec is a Trainer Specialist with Right Fit Willowbrook. As a specialist, she trains all levels of clients in all aspects of fitness including: Adult group, special needs, personal training, sports performance and children.  Her experience stems from playing volleyball for 8 years, including as a starter at Clarkson University, where her team made it to the sweet sixteen of the NCAA tournament.  She then continued her volleyball career, coaching for 2 years, and emphasizing her team’s skill building and teamwork.  This led her to pursue her continuing love for fitness as a trainer.

Becca is a qualified personal trainer who holds the NASM certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine.

Mike Andrews, M.S., USA Hockey Level V

Mike Andrews, M.S. is Head of Professional and Program Development with Right Fit and has over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry.  In this role, Mike trains and educates clients about all aspects of fitness, including adult, corrective and sports specific.  Mike helps diverse types of people to achieve their goals. Because of his many years of experience he is able to work in many capacities. He can be training elite level athletes, post stroke clients, developing an intern just out of college, speak at a corporate luncheon, and consult on facility operations.

Prior to joining Right Fit in 2015, Mike worked with:  the Chicago Black Hawks, Edward Hospital Fitness Center, Wheaton College and the Sports Fitness Institute.  He has helped design and consult on over 25 health and fitness centers;  mentored over 500 trainers; and taught at the college level for the past 16 years. He currently is the off-ice coach for the national champion Chicago Jazz Synchronized team and serves as the assistant lacrosse coach at Wheaton Academy. Mike is also a USA Hockey Masters level hockey coach and currently coaches for the Warrior Hockey Club.

Mike has been married to his college sweet heart for 35 years and they have raised two children. Jeanette is a professional magician and Eric is a junior in college majoring in sports management.

Stephan Ley, B.S. 

– Right Fit Trainer

– Raise the Bar coach

Jennifer Day, BA

– Teaching certification,  Chicago National Association of Dance Masters

– Head Coach, dance teams at Nazareth Academy, La Grange

Suzanne M. Gray, B.S. and M.S. Masters of Science Athletic Administration and Health Physical Education and Recreation Exercise Physiology

Suzanne is the owner of Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness L.L.C. in Willowbrook, and LaGrange, Illinois.

Suzanne has always believed that fitness and good health aren’t reserved for a select few but something that every human being has a right to benefit from.  She has spent over 30 years in the health and fitness industries to bring that reality to all populations.  Her work includes working in: corporate fitness, collegiate athletics, professional sports,  special needs and her own facilities.    

Suzanne believes that while there are many legitimate fitness philosophies and methodologies there are simply some basic principles to health that do not change.  Core to this belief is that fact that anyone’s quality of life can be improved if one learns how to use their body correctly and efficiently.  Suzanne has created a multitude of programs for: children with special needs, first-responders, collegiate athletes and every other fitness level.

Suzanne earned her masters degree from Western Illinois University.  She is a published author and has many accolades that include: being the recipient of an Illinois’ best school fitness program, Club Industry Best Children’s Program, top 4 finisher of the Chicago Marathon (Women’s Division) and former member of the Chicago Luvabulls.  Aside from ownership of Right Fit she also served as the head coach of Hinsdale Central High School’s Varsity Pom Dance and Competition teams and is the organizer of the Annual Burr Ridge 5K and 1K Run Walk to benefit ProActive Kids a foundation for youth and families struggling with obesity.  

“Movement is the Universal Language that Bridges Barriers and enhances life.” – Suzanne M. Gray



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