Trainer Specialist

  • FMS Certified, Muscle Activation Level 1
  • B.S. Exercise Science minor in psychology
  • 10 years of travel basketball and softball
  • Played collegiate basketball and softball
  • 5 plus years of on the floor training individuals with special needs, sports performance, senior fitness, strength and conditioning coach for Nazareth Academy, Director of Fire Up occupational training for firefighters

What drew you to the fitness/training field?

From a very young age, I always knew that I was meant for an active job and lifestyle. Being a two-sports athlete allowed me to travel out of a suitcase for most summers and experience different training facilities, coaches, and playing fields. Learning to be elite at not just one sport made my passion for wanting to train individuals from all backgrounds. We all need the same foundations but it’s how you specialize it for each individual sport or individual person that makes it addicting.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

The most fulfilling part of my job is the privilege to work with all type of individuals. Being able to help my clients reach individual goals either one on one or in a group setting. One hour I get to work with an adult trying to gain he/she’s grip back to hold herself up on a pull-up bar where the next hour is training an athlete to meet get back to 100% after an ACL tear.

How do you motivate someone during a workout?

Motivating a client for me comes from giving corrections that the client can achieve in a 5 min time frame. Seeing the client overcome the struggle of something really heavy or a new move by helping them until they achieve it. Taking the time when it counts instead of just moving on.

What are some qualities of your personal ideal client?

An ideal client comes in many unlikely forms. For example, a new client who is so discouraged and hasn’t seen improvement in a year that comes in with everything they got to make a change. They might not trust you yet but their will to keep fighting is what I am drawn to. Being able to coach, give guidance, and give a plan to someone who is giving you their last shot.

What is one client success story you will always remember?

My favorite client success story would have to be within my first year of training at Right Fit. I had just started working with a previous trainer’s client. She was struggling with a frozen shoulder, very tight lumbar spine, couldn’t run, couldn’t properly squat, and thought she wasn’t capable of more or getting passed this previous routine. We started to retrain the body and mind. She committed to 2 more days a week than she was used to and started doing more at home on her own. With her trust, within an 8-month time frame, she had accomplished all her goals. From not being able to raise her arm over her head to now being able to do a military press. To being able to run and deadlifting over 100lbs, she had broken all barriers. To this day her hard work, inspiration, and mental toughness always remind me that everyone is on their own journey with their own timeline. It’s making sure you use the right coach techniques with each person