Trainer Specialist


  • B.A.-University of Iowa, M.A. –National-Louis University


  • ACE certified for personal training
  • ACE certified for nutrition
  • Personal Trainer and Group Trainer at Right Fit
  • Nutritional Consultations at Right Fit

What drew you to the fitness/training field?

As a former teacher and someone who enjoys working out, I wanted to learn more about fitness and how to help others achieve their goals.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

Seeing people’s results or progress/gains! Or just being there to help work through people’s struggles with how to break bad habits and get them back on the right track!

How do you motivate someone during a workout?

Through positive reinforcement and either modifying or differentiating the exercise to make clients successful and keep them safe. Everyone needs the right amount of challenge in each workout as well and I will encourage them to push through it so they can achieve their goals.

What are some qualities of your personal ideal client?

I love when clients are open to try new things and give me the opportunity to take them outside of their comfort zones.

What is one client success story you will always remember?

It’s always exciting to hear my clients tell me that they weren’t able to do a certain lift or exercise when they first started and now they are ready for the next challenge. Seeing a client improve their health and quality of life by losing excess weight they were carrying. Helping to guide him through a workout he doesn’t want to do and when he has completed it, he tells me that he feels great! That makes my job fulfilling.