Trainer Specialist

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Nutrition Certification
  • A.A.S Culinary Arts
  • 6 years of softball, 9 years travel volleyball, collegiate volleyball player, coached for 2 years.
  • Jump training, strength & conditioning, team building, individual and team competition
  • Nutritional Consultations at Right Fit
  • Showing my passion of this lifestyle to others to hopefully one day make it their lifestyle and their love for health & fitness

What drew you to the fitness/training field?

Being an athlete my whole life, fitness was always part of my everyday regime. When I struggled with my weight in college, I never knew how much your diet, nutrients your body needs, and what the meaning of healthy really is. Which brought me to the love of fitness, making myself better, and being able to show my passion and knowledge to others.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. The people I am able to work, coach, better their lives through fitness and wellness is the best feeling in the world. Everyone has their story as to why they NEED fitness. I get the privilege of working with different populations to changing their lifestyles through my knowledge and hopefully be able to be a friend/coach/mentor for forever.

How do you motivate someone during a workout?

Depending on the clientele is how I know what to say to a client and when they need to be pushed. Everyone is different, everyone can be pushed to different levels on different days. A bad day and a good day can determine a good workout or a workout that is going to need a little more attention.

What are some qualities of your personal ideal client?

I like to be able to connect with my clients. I am not just their coach, I want to get to know them, let them know that I care. No two people are alike, everyone’s different in their own ways. I respect and listen to everyone’s needs and goals and make sure I am achieving what ever those may be.

What is one client success story you will always remember?

It’s one of the greatest feelings when you know a client is reaching their goals and constantly wanting to challenge themselves. A client of mine lost 20lbs. of muscle training somewhere else with a different trainer, came to Right Fit and in a small amount of time, we were able to gain the muscle back that she lost and then some. She pushes herself to whole new levels, progresses to more challenging exercises and she will forever be a friend with the connection we have to be able to work together.