Trainer Specialist


  • BS in Exercise Science –University of Akron


  • CSCS-Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach


  • Played football and baseball at the high school level. Have trained high-level to beginning-level athletes from a wide variety of sports.
  • Have been able to see improvements in performance not only in prescribed exercises but how well this translates to the athletes’ success in their given sport. Hearing the athletes and parents feedback of their improved performance in competition shows that the work put in at Right Fit is worth it.
  • I am always learning and expanding my knowledge on different training methodologies. As well as perfecting the most beneficial and useful training for the given population or sport.

What drew you to the fitness/training field?

What drew me to the fitness field is the numerous benefits exercise can have in improving the quality of life for individuals. Not only aesthetically, but feeling mentally and physically stronger. Helping people reach this feeling of success is why I chose the field.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

Guiding and teaching people how to get on the right path to reach their health and fitness goals, while showing them what their body’s are actually capable of doing. Seeing the life changing benefits of exercise in my clients is very rewarding.

How do you motivate someone during a workout?

By reminding them why they started this journey in the first place. It will always require hard work, but the feeling of achievement at the end of the process will make every long or seemingly impossible workout worth it.

What are some qualities of your personal ideal client?

Motivated, the will to learn, and trusts in my expertise and knowledge. This makes my role as a trainer specialist very fulfilling and enjoyable every day.

What is one client success story you will always remember?

Using my role as a teacher and fitness specialist to educate the members of a local fire department and offsite sports teams. Have had several occurrences where they have told me how much myself and other trainers from Right Fit have helped improve their quality of life, motivated them, improved their job or athletic performance, and serve as a good role model.