Head of Operations



  • CSCS–Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach-National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • BA –University of Indiana
  • Football All-Area 2006
  • Football All-Conference 2006
  • Athlete of the Year 2006
  • Head Nazareth Strength and Conditioning 2012
  • Head Nazareth Linebackers Coach 2013
  • State Championship 2014
  • State Championship 2015

I knew coaching and strength and conditioning would be my calling – when you are passionate, and truly embrace the team concept, there is no better field to be in…….. I knew I was on this track, when I tore my MCL my senior year, and came back the final game of the year with my leg basically sown on, against doctors orders….. helps that I am a bit crazy, and loved hitting people, but it was bigger…. I had teammates that I had worked with for 4-years, 3 younger brothers that looked up to me, and a coach who had established an attitude and culture – Max Effort, Full Speed

“Falling down in life in inevitable – staying down is optional” – Carrie Johnson

  • Raised in and around Right Fit since its opening in 2004 – client, intern, trainer, admin, director, manager, board member, head of operations
  • 800+ Hours – Raise the Group Instructor
  • (5) Pro-Active Kids Sites Led – Led 100+ Families to Body Composition, Weight, and Wellness Improvement
  • Over 3,000 Hours of Personal Training Experience
  • Over 3,000 Hours of Group Program Training Experience
  • Creation and execution of off-season, pre-season, and in-season Nazareth Strength and Conditioning Programs since 2012
  • Opened New Training Facility October 2015
  • Creation of Right Fit Infrastructure February 2017
  • Creation of Right For Core Program Curriculums 2017

Right Fit has been a second home to Steve, since he started as a client in 2004, followed by six years of working with his mom (Founder, Suzanne M. Gray), and Right Fit specialists to help youth summer camps, train and mentor young athletes, and observe assessments and personal training sessions. In 2010, after graduating from Indiana University, Steve joined Right Fit as a full-time trainer specialist, and facility manager for Right Fit’s current Willowbrook location, training clients from all populations, and learning from two of his mentors, Right Fit’s then Director of Sports Performance, Eric Stone, B.S., CSCS, and Director of Personal Fitness, Joe Molter, M.S., CSCS, who opened Steve’s eyes to various training modalities and helped Steve understand the safe and effective design of programs and prescription of exercise. In 2012, Steve was fortunate enough to be recognized as one Nazareth Academy’s Strength and Conditioning Coaches for the Varsity football team, going on to become the Head Linebackers Coach in 2013, and winning two state titles in 2014 and 2015 with the Roadrunners, as well as having the opportunity to work on Tim Racki’s staff, who has trusted Steve with all of his pre-season and in-season strength and conditioning since 2013. In 2015, as Right Fit expanded into a second location in La Grange, IL, Steve became the Head of Operations for Right Fit LLC, working daily with Right Fit’s talented team of trainer specialists to make Right Fit become the premier training brand in the industry.

“Being able to attend Conferences across the country, observe some of the best in the art of coaching, and being around the fitness business my whole life, I am fortunate enough to be in an opportunity to help lead Right Fit into the future and help it continue to grow with some simple concepts. A true training facility must have full-time, college educated, and credentialed training specialists employed, to ensure the integrity of programming, as well as create a caring, individualized, and results-oriented culture that fosters relationships and community, not “experiences” dictated by a fitness instructor. Every program must have a start and end, meaning everyone must start with baseline testing, be educated on their results, receive a program to fit their needs and goals, and then be re-tested to evaluate progress, successes, and short-comings. We must EDUCATE – my goal is that every person who walks into Right Fit not only feels better, but has learned something about themselves, and exercise so that they can safely and effectively execute any training program outside of our walls or on their own. Lastly, Right Fit’s goal is not to become the next “hour-long 500 calorie” workout class, or the newest mass-produced franchise with rows of low-impact cardio machines and suspension straps, but a “training facility”, where specialists care about “your” needs, and are truly searching for “Right Fitters”, individuals willing to train hard, smart, and understand that consistency and progressions are the only keys to lifelong health and wellness.

I end by stealing an Instagram Post from one of the top Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the Country, Cal Dietz:
5 Factors for Success:
1.) High Volume
2.) High Intensity
3.) High Frequency
4.) High Expectations
5.) Overreaching