Right Fit is an elite fitness training facility that uses personalized high intensity interval training programs to build our clients’ functional strength and develop unstoppable endurance.

To do this, Lead Trainer Steve Gray created an advanced training process called the Right Fit Advantage. The keys to this method are individualization and using exercise science to take advantage of the way the human body reacts to physical exertion on a cellular level.

Each program is individualized around your individual needs. This allows for accelerated improvement and limits injury risk. The high intensity interval training workouts are scientifically designed to keep your body in a peak anabolic, and calorie burning state through the duration of the workout. The intervals and workouts are carefully balanced to ensure maximum results. As a result of this training, our clients build both the physical ability and mental toughness necessary to crush any fitness obstacle.

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Steve Gray, B.A., CSCS – Head of Operations – Lead Trainer

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Being able to attend Conferences across the country, observe some of the best in the art of coaching, and being around the fitness business my whole life, I am fortunate enough to be in an opportunity to help lead Right Fit into the future and help it continue to grow with some simple concepts. A true training facility must have full-time, college educated, and credentialed training specialists employed, to ensure the integrity of programming, as well as create a caring, individualized, and results-oriented culture that fosters relationships and community, not “experiences” dictated by a fitness instructor.

Every program must have a start and end, meaning everyone must start with baseline testing, be educated on their results, receive a program to fit their needs and goals, and then be re-tested to evaluate progress, successes, and shortcomings. We must EDUCATE – my goal is that every person who walks into Right Fit not only feels better, but has learned something about themselves, and exercise so that they can safely and effectively execute any training program outside of our walls or on their own.

Lastly, Right Fit’s goal is not to become the next “hour-long 500 calorie” workout class, or the newest mass-produced franchise with rows of low impact cardio machines and suspension straps, but a “training facility”, where specialists care about “your” needs and are truly searching for “Right Fitters”, individual’s willing to train hard, smart, and understand that consistency and progressions are the only keys to lifelong health and wellness.