Right Fit is an elite training facility looking for elite trainers to join our team. We offer full time pay and opportunities for advancement. We also offer opportunities for passionate and dedicated trainers to learn alongside our experienced staff through our internship programs.

If you have any questions or want more information on our career opportunities, please contact our Head of Operations: Steve Gray – Steve@right-fit.com


Sports Performance/Strength and Conditioning Coach

Right Fit is a premier training facility, built on the foundation of its full-time, college educated, certified, and experienced training specialists. Each Right Fit location is staffed by a full-time strength and conditioning team, committed strictly to the training, care, and results of every client. Right Fit prides itself on serving all individuals willing to commit to their fitness and wellness, and join a team of accomplished specialists, who have made it their lives’ work, to bring each “Right Fitter” the best in strength and conditioning.


Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science/kinesiology or related field


  • NSCA or other nationally accredited certifications
  • Personal Training or Coaching for 2+ years
  • Experience and willingness to train a variety of clients and levels of abilities
  • Experience using Excel and Word

Step 1

40-Hour Orientation: Unpaid

  • Meet Right Fit training team
  • Observe training sessions
  • Learn Systems
  • Operations
  • Philosophy
  • Training Modalities

Step 2

Paid Part-Time Employment (Max 29-Hours/Week) – (40-400 Hrs. Based on experience, background, performance)

  • Assist and lead training sessions assigned by Right Fit training team

      $25/hr. Training

      $15/hr. Assisting

      $15/hr. Floor/Admin Time

Step 3

Employee Review (Scheduled by RF Management) – Consideration for “Right Fit Trainer” Position Full-Time, Part-Time, Dismissal

  • Part-Time Hourly Position Offer (Right Fit Trainer)
  • Full-Time Hourly Position Offer (Right Fit Trainer)

       $30/hr. Lead Training

       $20/hr. Assist Training

       $15.hr. Floor/Admin

Health Insurance

  • Full-Time Salary Position Offer (Right Fit Trainer)


       Health Insurance

Career Advantage that RF offers:

Right Fit offers a career path for individuals with a passion to be in the fitness industry. One of the few facilities to offer trainers a full-time salary and a progressive career path to continue to move forward.

Right Fit Infrastructure:

Right Fit Trainer (Meet pre-requisites)

  • Must complete orientation, Right Fit safety exam, and receive passing review from Senior training staff

        Right Fit Trainer Specialist (I) (1-3 Year of Right Fit Training Experience)

  • Minimum of 1-Year of employment with Right Fit

        Right Fit Trainer Specialist (II) (3+ Year of Right Fit Training Experience)

  • Minimum of 3-Years of Full-Time employment

Personality Traits:

  • Compassionate
  • Committed and confident in the RF journey
  • Dedicated
  • Positive attitude
  • Professional
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Supportive
  • Balanced




    During this time you will be required to pass the Right Fit safety exam and work closely with trainer specialists to observe all areas of training and learn front desk administrative responsibilities. We believe in a very hands on internship process and we want to progress you to training on your independently. Opportunity to learn from top trainer specialists in the industry and gain hands-on experience.


    • Start with observation hours- progress to assisting hours for personal training, group training, and off-site contracts, assist with assessment process- progress to leading warm up and cool down portion of the training session-progress to leading a personal/group training session
    • Learn how to be an effective and efficient coach and trainer
    • Learn how to think on your feet and make changes within a program when necessary
    • Gain insight and learn the administrative duties of a training facility
    • Attend in-service opportunities

    With supervision progress to:

    • Correcting form and teaching fundamental movement patterns
    • Educate and provide modifications within the program
    • Encourage and motivate clients
    • Build positive relationship with staff and clients
    • Providing professionalism, education, and dedication to clients