F3 Burn©

Cardio Through Strength

Right Fit’s core group interval training program that focuses on using functional free weight compound movements (squat, deadlift, bench, swing, overhead press), supplemental resistance (supersets/cross-training), isolated core training, and cardiovascular intervals (running, rowing, aerodynes) to maximize your 60-minute caloric burn, promote individual overloads, and build lean muscle and decrease fat. All workouts are linked to LIVE Heart Rate Monitors to allow clients to interact with each workout, and hit proper intensity goals.

Each month is treated as a 4-week cycle.

(7) New Workouts are featured monthly

  • 2 Strength Days (Weekly Work Volume Increase Goal)
  • 2 HIIT Days (AFAP and AMRAP Tracking)
  • 3 Endurance Days (Cross-Training)
  • Daily focuses change each to week, to accommodate client’s schedules
  • Week 4 Work Volume decreases for recovery

10 Minute
Dynamic Warm-Up

  • Review and perform major lifts and movements
  • Movements through (3) planes of motion
  • Core Temperature Increase

45 Minute Work
(Circuit Style)

Station time varies with each workout

  • Review Work at each station
  • Learn time and Rep Goals
  • Track Progress at particular stations

5 Minute
Cool Down

Ages (14+)

  • Class is designed for all physical fitness levels
  • Must possess understanding of free weight training
  • Must Pass Right Fit PAR-Q before starting


use our Right fit app to sign up. available on iphone and android.


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